Maybe You Never Cry Again by Bernie Mac

Something told me to go to the bookstore, a place I have frequented countless times over the years.  At first, I dismissed the unction, then after hearing it again I drove to the bookstore.  On this visit I came upon a story I had heard about over a year ago, but had not yet purchased.  I picked the story off the shelf and am I ever glad I did.  The book is Maybe You Never Cry Again by comedian Bernie Mac.  In his autobiographical story Bernie Mac shares with his readers and listeners how he came to be the man millions see on television each week and admire and enjoy listening to as he makes one person after another laugh with abandon.  For Bernie Mac it started when he was five years old.  At that young age, he knew he was born to be a comedian.  At the book’s close he even states that even as he branches out into acting and other forms of entertainment and art, he remains a comedian.

More than the heart aching experiences Bernie Mac shares with readers as he tells the story of his childhood and his journey toward becoming a celebrated comedian, is the soul stirring strength Bernie Mac displays throughout his life as he continues to pursue his dreams, as he strives to become what he knew he was born to be. Maybe You Never Cry Again is a book so far removed from the image Bernie Mac has onstage readers may find themselves surprised, without doubt deeply moved, by the story.  When it would seem Bernie Mac would hold a grudge or ask for sympathy, he plainly states that those things are not what he is in search of.  His comedic style and timing are present throughout the book.  I found myself laughing outright while enjoying Maybe You Never Cry Again.

The style Maybe You Never Cry Again is written in is unique. I have read countless books over the years, but was happily surprised with the personal touch Bernie Mac offers his readers.  You will feel as if Bernie Mac is sitting across from you sharing his life experiences, sprinkling them, taking the sting out of some of the harder of his experiences, with humor.  It is this personal touch, this uncommon style that sets Bernie Mac’s Maybe You Never Cry Again apart from other books on bookstore and library shelves.  There is no intent to impress the reader with literary genius.  This sets Bernie Mac free, as free as he is when he’s working a crowd on stage. Bernie Mac fans and those who have never heard of the comedian before will love this story.  It’s a keeper.