Mindfulness Is Being Aware

Mindfulness is being aware. It’s being present at the moment that you are involved with a person, place or thing. It’s pure and simple.    

What I’m saying is … you need to pay attention.  I would venture to say that paying attention is a good thing.  It’s been my  experience that things and people flourish when we pay attention to them.  Those of you who love and own plants, know for a fact that plants thrive when they are taken care of.  They need water and sunlight in the correct doses.  Adding extra touches like talking to the plants and maintaining the earth also promotes their good health.

Well the same is true for people.  We need to be touched by  others on some level.  When babies are upset and they cry the first thing that you want to do is pick them up and comfort them.

I can remember visiting a church many years ago. After the  service was over, all of the members walked around the church and  hugged all the visitors.

At that time, I was not one that visited other churches a lot.  A handshake was good enough for me. I didn’t grow up in a house with people  who hugged each other and I wasn’t accustomed to hugging anyone.  I remember how uneasy I felt about the hugging, but as time went on my mind changed about the act of hugging someone.

Three children later, hugging is a daily part of my life.  I get hugs from my family all the time and I find it very comforting.  

Recently, I watched my five-year old daughter as she prepared her belongings to exit the school bus.  I watched her hug a few of her schoolmates before she got off.  Just watching her made me feel good.  My daughter is growing up to be an affectionate and caring person.  She’s more well-rounded than I was at that age. Now, I know that by showing her affection I’ve taught her how to be compassionate.

A hug is a powerful tool that communicates comfort and caring.   

It’s underused in this day and time. But also realize that you can’t hug everyone.  

Sometimes you need to ask the receiver prior to the hug if it’s okay with them.

As I said before I did not grow up in a home with a lot  of touching.  My spouse enjoys hugging and grew up in a hugging  household.

Through her I’ve learned that hugging is healthy and reduces stress. And it does wonders for a broken spirit. I’ve grown to understand the power and importance of the act.

So let us all be mindful of the benefits of hugging. They’re   all natural. They feel wonderful. And they don’t cost a dime.  So the next time that you get a   chance to greet someone, try a hug, you just might make someone’s day.

Remember to keep the faith, trust in God only and seek after  a pure heart.  God will be pleased.