Most Interesting and Influencial 2005: Bobby “Robert” Husband



     With a tradition of hair excellence, Robert’s Hairstyling owned and operated by Bobby "Robert" Husband, has been an integral part of Lansing’s history. This mini institution in the black community is where both the ordinary and extra-ordinary come together to share stories of old and new, as well as to get a great hairstyle. In 1967, Robert took a leap of faith endearing his entrepreneurial spirit and passion to open a salon on Butler Street in Lansing. Once he established a loyal client base he then moved downtown on South Washington Avenue to become the first Black owned full-service barber and cosmetologist salon in the downtown area.  After 11 years downtown, he purchased his current salon in the historic west side of Lansing on Saginaw Street.  Robert’s faith proved to be a sound decision as he has had the distinct pleasure of having served both the hearts and hair of the city’s finest for nearly 40 years.
     Robert’s has been instrumental in launching and inspiring the successful careers of many stylists throughout the Lansing area. His advise for aspiring entrepreneurs is to know that business ownership is not easy, but to identify that "thing" in which you are truly passionate about and perfect at it, because in the end it is that passion that will drive you to success and ultimately make you happy. Robert has truly enjoyed the success of being a stylist but is most of all thankful for having the opportunity to impact both old and young in the community. "You never know how your interaction with someone can impact the rest of their lives. I have had the awesome opportunity to touch many and look forward to continuing for years to come."
     If you have not had the distinct pleasure of frequenting Robert’s Hairstyling, make it a point to stop by not only for a classic cut or to hear the latest word, but to take in this historic barbershop establishment who’s contributed to nearly 40 year’s of Lansing history.