Most Interesting and Influencial 2006: Richard Clement

Richard Clement
C-systems Technology Group

     Mr. Clement is the owner and operator of C-systems Technology Group, a single owner business in Lansing Michigan. Mr. Clement’s company provides services in the area of onsite training, troubleshooting, website design and domain name acquisition, and office automation. Mr. Clement has been teaching computer classes in programming, and office automation at Lansing Community College, Lansing, School District, Black Child and Family Institute and Davenport University for over 15 years.  My student base ranges from K-12 students to adults wanting to learn new and exciting things with the computer.
    Mr. Clement is politically active in the Democratic and Green Party of Michigan as a candidate for Secretary of State (1998 and 2002) and a write-in Candidate for State Senate District 23 in the  special election held on March 14th.    He is also the founder of the Lansing Compassionate Care Commission that will allow Lansing citizens to use Medical Marijuana without prosecution and under the care of a medical professional.    He said that by getting this law written into the books, the costs of managing jails and reducing arrests by police will save the taxpayers of Lansing over $70,000 in court costs, legal fees, and incarceration in jails with rapists, murders, and thieves.
   Clement also is an advisor to the Michigan Chapter of the National Organization for the reform of Marijuana Laws (MI-NORML). In this capacity, he serves as a minority affairs recruiter for the organization.           He said, “Over 70% of drug arrests are of African Americans with an additional %6 of drug arrests being Hispanics. Membership in MI-NORML is $15.00 annually and your dues will go for the costs of maintaining efforts to decriminalize marijuana.