Mrs. Pizzo’s Workshop: Uvalde, Texas – A Special Note from Mrs. Pizzo

photo of Mrs Pizzo

As a mother, educator, writer, and community leader, words rarely escape me. However, after witnessing the devastating tragedy of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, I am rendered speechless. Our children are precious and deserve to feel safe in every aspect of their communities across this nation. Children deserve all the spaces they attend and visit to provide security, comfort, and community —including schools, grocery stores and churches.

My heart is broken for the families, children, educators, and victims of Robb Elementary and for the families, children and educators who must move forward without their loved ones. My prayers are with you.

We must all continue forward in finding solutions to prevent these horrors from happening.

At WKAR we are committed to sharing resources and tools to help young people cope with community violence and mitigate the impacts of trauma. A best practice in helping children through this experience is to listen and allow them to lead the conversation based on the questions they need answered. Allow them to process their emotions as often as necessary with the adults in their lives as a loving guide. Together is the word and solution we need now.

Please feel free to reach out to me at if you need additional resources.

In service,
Mrs. Pizzo

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