New Resolution 6-18

Nu Resolution

By Joe Walker

Can I write this column while simultaneously turning water to wine?

 I get a lot of enjoyment from writing Nu Resolution. What I enjoy most is the response I get from readers. Hearing people quote me or mention a certain topic while laughing is rewarding. It’s even better when after being amused they agree with whatever point I was trying to make.

But I do get a select few who have something bad to say. They stop me to engage negatively. My last “Resolution”, #18, was not perfect. It had a few mistakes in it. Granted, I should have checked it over. I normally do. I’m an editor as well as a writer. But under the rare circumstance under which it was written, I was in such a hurry that it was taken as is. But I had someone stop me and say, “That new article of yours was funny, but you left a few words out. You need to check your stuff over better.”  Another person asked me, “Ain’t you got a edit person?” (Yeah…) I even had someone say; “I don’t usually read columns, no way. I be finding too many typos in them.”

Humans do mess up sometimes. I know; I’m one of them. I’m not without flaws. Sometimes my bald head doesn’t shine, I’m not average height for man, I have big feet, I can’t eat crumbly food without getting crumbs on myself, ice cream melts on my hand because I don’t eat cones fast enough, and I laughed at the movie “Pooty Tang”. My writing is not flawless either. And sometimes mistakes actually slip through the cracks. You’ll find them in any publication. Heck, look around your house! Do some random free-writing for about ten minutes; actually time yourself. When you’re done, look it over. See if you think it’s flawless. Here is an even better idea: Look in the mirror.

Only one perfect person ever walked this earth. And even his sandals got dirty. And last time I checked, Jesus’ last name wasn’t Walker or … whatever your last name is.

New Resolution #19: Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t frown on people who aren’t.