New Twist To An Old Scam

LANSING, MI —  The Lansing Police Department is warning the public of a new twist to an old scam.  It appears con artists are using legitimate business opportunities to try and scam people looking to make extra money during the holidays working part time.

Victim calls what they believe is a valid job opportunity to be a Secret Shopper.  Victim is then sent a letter of instruction on how and where to shop.  The victims are also sent what looks to be a valid cashiers check.  In one instance for $3,920.00, the victim is then asked to send back $3,300.00 and use the rest to shop.  Unfortunately, the check is not valid and the victim is out almost $4,000.00.  Because the checks are sent from Canada or some other country the cases are almost impossible to work.

If checks are sent to be cashed and money is requested to be sent back it is almost always a scam.