Nu Music 4-20

The Day After

Twista finally escaped the underground on his previous album, but now his recently hot-air-filled head may have carried him too far. This album is almost dirt free and a lot softer. He has always been able to incorporate sexiness into his speedy, machine gun flow, but it was never so blatant. Yet, Twista is a monster lyricist. He makes the weakest songs an incredible hulk. Give “Do Wrong” and “So Lonely” featuring Jamie Foxx a listen.

Lil Kim
Naked Truth

Lil Kim lied in a court case, but lyrically she’s the truth. Kim proved she could write good material on her previous album, “LaBella Mafia,” and on this, her latest release, she excels as a good writer. Again using her personal life and critical scalding for direction, Kim pens points and passion that is genuine hip-hop. She still suffers from redundancy and can be a little too boyish and boring at times.

Project Mayhem

 LEGACY rhymes with darkness, daring and direction. Not sounding like anything else or any other rapper, LEGACY’s album is original from beginning to end. On “Fast Girls” he spits out the window, coldly telling women who live life in the fast lane to past him quickly. The production from The Justus League knocks, with him opening the door to many neck snapping moments. “2 Sided Coin” and “Dirty Bomb” are outstanding!

The Away Team
National Anthem
Rapper Sean Boog and producer Khrysis are a potent combination anywhere. Together they form The Away Team, and their debut album is a must for travel or home play. Khrysis makes beats that rumble like thunder while Sean Boog throws lyrical thunderbolts like Zeus. The duo takes one back to a time when the MC/Producer team-up album was a must in hip-hop. Check out “The Shining,” “One-N-Only” with Percy Miracles and “On The Line” featuring Rapper Big Pooh, Chaundon and Joe Scudda.