Nu Resolution 6-15

By Joe Walker

“Do you need the courts to end an abusive relationship?”

You have it your way, you’re loving it, and, at some of the most inopportune times, you’re thinking it.

Fast food is such a major part of so many lives until it’s almost like marriage. You become loyal to one brand. You’ve been eating McDonald’s for years; you’re childhood sweet hearts! You wouldn’t even dream of going to Wendy’s, or anywhere else for that matter. Think of all the good times and great taste you’ve shared. You have history. People keep telling you to leave it alone. They tell you to move on; they tell you to play the field and try something new. Look for something better. But you don’t listen. You’re in love!

Behind closed doors, fast food love is physically abusing you. You’re being smacked around inside and out. The love turns to fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Your health is constantly being disrespected. And just look at how this relationship is affecting the children. And before you know it you’re cheating with other fast foods, and they’re not treating you any better than your main squeeze. Yet you stay in the relationship – this abusive lifestyle – until your life is threatened. Fast food has taken everything from you, and now you’re scared and angry. Now you want a divorce, and you want to take fast food for all it’s worth!

I laughed the first time I heard about someone suing fast food companies because their food made them unhealthy. You eat Burger King nearly every day of the week, and have been for several years of your life. You don’t exercise or eat healthy foods on the days you don’t visit The King. Now you seriously unhealthy, overweight, or both – and you’re mad about it, so, you SUE Burger King? Most of us were born and blessed with the ability to make choices. You know right from wrong; you know what is and what isn’t good for you. I’m allergic to chocolate but love eating Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. What sense would it make for me to sue Hershey’s for making them?

New Resolution #16: Take action on a ball court; eat something healthy afterwards!