Nu Resolution 6-16

By Joe Walker

“Can sleeping on books make you smarter overnight?”

The only thing college students do to prepare for the next school year is buy new clothes and supplies. Oh, and worry what people will think of them; How’d I forgot about that?

Students stay up way too late during summer break, also. Nothing on TV is worth staying up until 4AM. No party is worth staying awake 24 hours. You just end up feeling like crap, then further exhaust yourself thinking about how badly exhausted you are. Sleeping helps your mind heal, retain knowledge, recover from peer pressure and doing things that almost get you killed, and, for some, summer jobs.

But the hardest part of not getting enough sleep during summer break is retraining your body. The week before school starts is the most challenging week of the year. You’ve been burning the midnight oil for 90 days, and you actually think you can turn that around in 7. Laugh now, cry later: some college Professors start handing out assignments the first day! You were just up late drinking the night before, and you have to walk miles to class on little or no sleep. “My Professor thinks I’m stupid,” you cry. I know you’re not stupid; you’re sleepy.

The week before school is really hard for parents with elementary, junior high and high school aged children as well. Those youngsters stressed you out so bad during the school year, you just let them run wild during the summer. Come back-to-school time, you have to re-implement rules, bed times and curfews. These kids are worn out … August is the month to slow them down. They’ll put the breaks on for a shopping trip, but once done it’s back to the races! Take a moment to remember the looks on your children’s faces when you wake them up on the first day of school.

Ugly, isn’t it?

“My first two hours are hard,” they cry. “My teacher thinks I’m stupid.” We know you’re not stupid; you just need sleep. A well-rested student is a sharper student.

New Resolution #17: Take your butt to bed at a decent hour!