“nu” urban fashions 1-11

by lenka j. wright

The 4th is coming, the 4th is coming, what to wear, what to wear? Shall we go with the traditional red, white and blue colors?

But of course, dress with style and flair.  When shopping stick to a budget and go to my two favorite stores for affordable buys. Yes fashion bunnies, you know, The Gap and the Old Navy.

The Old Navy has their famous $5.00 flag tees and tanks. Grab a handful and match them up with their wide selection of jeans, capris, shorts, skirts and pants. Don’t pass by the flip flops without picking up a pair, which will keep us comfortable while watching the fireworks.

The Gap is having its all time summer sale.  It is a great place to buy your white pants. Look for their loose fit linen capris and their twill drawstring pants. The summer tote (color red) will be

needed as well, check the accessories.

Remember tie dying in grade school well instead of dying the tee shirt, try a pair of your old jeans. Cut the waistband off and the hemline for fraying purposes after washing them!! Must wear with a strappy heel sandals though flip flops will work too.  Get a Hanes boy cotton tee shirt for that snug fit.  You are sure to be explosive for the 4th.

Have you been shopping at the beauty section in your local T J Maxx’s yet?

Well, Perlier is back on their shelves!  Anything by Perlier is a treasure and guaranteed love at first squirt of lotion or hand soap.

Last but never the least, is  fashion for our faces. I’ll mention one thing for our lips-For Ultra Shine, Lancome’s Juicy Tubes lip gloss.

Printed in Volume 1 Issue 11