Page Turners 6-16

 Aardema, V.(1975). Why mosquitos buzz in people’s ears: West African tale. New
York: Scholastic Book Services.

    This is a funny folktale retold by Verna Aardema.  Because of the misunderstandings of the animals and a sequential chain of events, an owlet gets killed.  The animals call a council meeting to see who is guilty, and each animal describes his reaction. 
    This is a great book to use for teaching about listening, because of the moral of the story and also the use of onomatopoeia.  It is also a good book to use for sequencing and retelling events in a story.



Goldin, Barbara. (1996). Coyote and the fire stick: A Pacific Northwest Indian tale.
San Diego: Harcourt Brace & Company

    A legend of how coyote helped the people steal fire from evil spirits.  The story explains how the coyote can be a trickster and a hero in the same story.  This is a retelling based on various versions of the legend of the coyote.