Plain Talk 4-1

By Frank Risper

     It was a cold December morning.  I was standing at the gasoline station down the street from my job, pumping gasoline.
    I was very, very cold and half asleep. I heard a voice coming from the other side of the gas pump saying… good morning. I was surprised. Not that someone was saying good morning, but that someone was so happy and cheerful so early in the cold morning.
   So I looked over and to the other side of the island to respond to him. I said good morning. I asked, how are you doing? He said he was doing great.
    I believed him.
    I wanted to know what he had that I did not. Did he have a jar of sunshine in his medicine cabinet that he opened each morning and rubbed on his face to give him that sunny deposition? Was he a millionaire? Or did he have a double helping of Jesus going for himself?
   As it turns out he was just happy. The cold weather did not upset him. He said he was retired from a job that he had worked at for thirty years and he had a full pension.
  He added that his heath was good and he was making deliveries for a  company he enjoyed working for . It kept him busy. He had raised his family and he was at peace with himself. I was happy for him.
     I guess where he was in life is were we hope to get too. My question is why can not we get up each and every morning and feel the way way he was feeling?
     The answer is simple. The cares of the world hold us down most of the time. The job, your family, health problems, etc.
     It would be nice if we could just cast all of cares on someone else, would it not?
     Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 " Come unto me, all ye that are labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.".
     Now you can bank on that, otherwise I am sorry but the truth of the matter is, we all have to pay our dues in life. That is just the way it is.
     Some try to take the easy way out. Some try shortcuts. In the end you will come up short. So do yourself a favor, make up in your mind to do the right thing in life. You will enjoy life more.   
     Remember to trust in God only, seek after pure heart. God will be pleased.