Plain Talk 4-10

By Frank Risper

    As we go through this life we learn to value a lot of different things.  Usually it is material.  I wonder how many of us value ourselves?  I mean really put a value on the most valuable possession that we have… ourselves.
     To those who use illegal drugs or smoke cigarettes, it is detrimental to your health.  When we use alcohol in excess is that our way of showing our sef value?
    Why do we continue to place ourselves in jobs situations and relationships that ruin our health and peace of mind?  Why do some continue to put their mind and body in reach of those persons and situations with a demonstrated history of abuse or neglect.  Why?
     We waste our time and energy and sometimes our lives in worthless situations among people who are unworthy.
   The time is now to wake up and smell the coffee.  Life is very short and death is certain.  We must value ourselves.  We must value our ideas, our energy and our time.     
     You are too important to yourself that you should pay     attention to the negative things in youpay attention to the negative things in your life to such a detree that you become unwilling to waste it!!!
    Life is a great gift to you by God.  He did not entrust it to you to waste.  You cannot put your head in the mouth of a lion and expect not to lose it.  Let us use wisdom.
   The Bible says in Matthew 7:6 (KJV) “Give not that which is holy to dogs.  Neither cast ye your pearls before swine.”
   I believe that you are too good for that.  You should believe it too.  This message is for someone  special.  You know who you are.  You need to take this opportunity to ponder the most special thing that God gave you..your own life.
     Remember to keep the faith, trust in God only and seek after a sure heart.  God will be pleased.