Plain Talk 4-14

By Frank Risper
I would like to talk to you about pride, specifically about having pride in yourself, pride in what you do for a living, and having your loved ones being able to be proud of you as a person.
     I believe that having pride in yourself is an important thing to have.  I also believe that understanding the meaning of pride is even more important.
     Pride, like most anything else, can be used for good or bad.
     The Webster’s New World Dictionary states that pride refers either to a justified or excessive belief in one’s own worth, merit, superiority, etc.
     So the question is, “Is your pride justified?”
     I have heard that pride that you express to others is ego.  Pride that you express silently to yourself is real pride.
     I am very proud of my wife, RIna. (No, she has not paid me to say that.)  It is not her pride making me say that she is a great person.  She has earned it.
     When you are proud of yourself, you show it, you feel it and you know it.  It shines in your eyes, it shows in the way you speak and the way in which you carry yourself.  You are proud because you could and did, you can and you will, you cannot but you know it, and it is still all right.
    When you are proud, you give and share rather than take, talk and promise.  Pride is peaceful service, joy-filled sharing, and inner knowing that there is more to come because you know how the story ends. 
    Right, you know that all things work out for those who love God.  Pride does not argue to be right, push to get ahead, step over others to get there and then forgets those who help them achieve success.
  Pride is gentle, calm and balanced.  It is not boastful, frightened or hurried.  Pride is pleasant.  Pride is grateful.  Pride is peaceful, patient and poised.  Pride is secure.  Pride is mastery of one’s self.  But most importantly, pride is silent.
     So all that you really have to do is work hard, and do the things in life that are just, pure, righteous and are of good report.  Work on building your inner pride that we talked about earlier.
     Give others a chance to be proud of you.  If you don’t get a positive response and you know you are working hard, that means that maybe the person who is not giving you encouragement needs to be left alone for a while.  Because I know that God provides us with choices and even if the negative person is someone you love, your pride is worth giving that person a rest from stealing your joy.
     Remember to keep the faith, trust in God only and work toward a pure heart. God will be proud.