Plain Talk 4-20

     Money, money, money, for the love of money some people will do most anything. They would even sellout their own mother. “For the Love of Money” is a song sang by the singing group The O’Jays years ago. I would hate to think that this is true. But it could be. For some life is all about that all mighty dollar bill.
     I have to wonder why? Maybe it is because of the power behind having a lot of money. Or the fame that sometimes comes with fortune? Some people want riches and some people want wealth. There is a difference. Let me explain. Michael Jordan is rich right! But the person who signs Michael Jordan’s check is wealthy. The difference is a millionaire to billionaire issue.
  The Bible speaks about how the love of money is the root of all evil. Do you believe that? Do you believe you can take your wealth with you when pass from this life to the next? My youngest brother passed away a week ago. His name was Jody Christopher. He was a great guy and we loved him. But we did not send any money with him, Because there is no need for money in heaven. God is only interested in the richness of the spirit, In that way Jody was a billionaire. He had a spirit of love and a pure heart. He now is with God and happy. There is a lesson to be learned from Jody; you should store your treasures in heaven not on earth.
     Pursuing righteousness is a better invest in the long run, Trust me on that one.
    Howard Hughes is a good example of what it is like to gain wealth and lose your soul. He and many others like him reinforce the idea that money cannot buy happiness, peace or health. So the question is what are you to do? On the one hand you need money to get the things that you need in life to live. On the other hand the pursuit of money as your main goal in life can bankrupt your mind, body and spirit. What is a person to do?
     Well,for one thing DO NOT CHASE MONEY! Do what you do using your God given talents and abilities because it makes you happy. If you happen to become rich, well good for you. Second, DO NOT DO THINGS FOR MONEY ONLY. In everything you do have purpose and principle that are laced with righteousness that you hold dear and will not compromise if the price is right.
     If what you want or what you are doing is not the highest and the best for everyone involved, then the best thing to do is leave it alone.
     Remember to keep the faith, trust in God only and seek after a pure heart. God will be pleased.