Plain Talk 4-3

By Frank Risper

     Passion. When you here the word, what comes to mind? Love, perhaps? In Webster’s Dictionary, the word "passion" means any emotion, such as hate or love; intense emotional excitement, such as rage, enthusiasm, or lust; or the object of any desire. So my question is, do you have a passion for anything on a daily basis? Do you have a passion for life? If the answer is no, then why not? Where did you lose your passion? Think about it. I believe that at some point we all were passionate about something in life. Perhaps at a younger age, be it sports, writing or perhaps art. At any rate, you loved doing it, and you looked forward to the next day because of it, remember that? What happened to that time? I ask you the question because I believe that a life filled with passion is a better life, and I would like you to try and revisit that time in your life. I do not care what your age is; you can have youthful enthusiasm in your life. In my opinion, to not have it, or at least seek after it, you are short of changing yourself. You know, the funny thing about having a passion or being passionate about something or someone is you get to choose. The dictionary also speaks about the suffering of Jesus on the cross or after the Last Supper under passion. So perhaps Jesus can be used in this area to help get a deeper understanding of passion. To those who already have a passion for life, I say, hold on to it as if it were great treasure. Because it is to me. I am one of the blessed people who has passion in life… my God and my family, who I love a great deal. I look forward to tomorrow because of them. So consider the words in this article. I believe the message that is in it will help you in this life. Remember to trust in God only, keep the faith, and seek after a pure heart. That is the right path home.