Plain Talk 4-8

     Are you insane? I am sure that at some point in your life someone has asked you that question, or has thought that you were a little crazy. I am willing to bet that you feel that way sometimes. You wonder to yourself when will the madness stop?
     I do not know the answer to that question, but I have given it some thought. I know life can be very stressful. I also know that it was not always this way.
     Do you remember, as a child life was very carefree? All that was expected of you was that you get up, eat and play. That was great, right? The next thing you know people are expecting a great deal of things from you starting with your parents. They expected you to be good all the time, take a bath every day and clean up after yourself.
     Can you imagine that? The nerve of them. The last thing you needed in you life was that much pressure. But I guess they knew what was coming next, so in a way they were preparing you for life.
     Next people outside of your home expected you to be good and helpful to your neighbors! You start school and your teachers voiced their displeasure when you got into fights with other children or you did not perform to your fullest potential in class. Your friends expected you to share your time with them.
     Whenever you failed to please people, or to do what was expected of you, you were not good enough. You were considered weak or dumb.
     Am I right? Can you remember that moment when you bought into it all, when you actually started to believe them? So you started giving in to the demands of all these people. Day after day you gave a little piece of your self away to someone else. So now you are lost.
     Your understanding of the truth and who you are has been taken away from you. Well the truth is that you are OK just the way you are. Perfect in your imperfection. You are divine.
     You are growing better each day. So the next time some one is getting on your last nerve, look inside yourself for the truth. Seek God! He is omnipotent and he loves you just the way you are. Remember to keep the faith, Trust in God only, and seek after a pure heart. God will be pleased.