Plain Talk 5-1

     Well congratulations, we’ve made it thorough another calendar year. How does it feel? Good I hope. I for one am very happy! I just had a medical check-up and my health is good. I hope that every one out there has or will be getting a medical check-up in the near future. Good health is priceless. And as a side note, some of you could stand to check out a head doctor as well ( just kidding).
     Anyway, getting back to this new year thing. Someone said to me, “Happy New Year Frank!” I said, “Thanks,” then I thought to myself, what’s so new about it? Just because 365 days have passed and we moved the calendar page from 2005 to 2006, does that really make things “new?” Everyday is new.
     I don’t know about you but, I don’t feel any different nor do I look any different. Do you? What’s the big deal? I don’t understand. Is this an American thing or what? Are you going to be different this year?  If so, then I hope that it’s for the betterment of yourself as well as the community that you live in.
     What’s your plan? Are you going to change your mind set? Are you going to be more loving? How about trying to be more giving? Maybe you should’ve left  a bigger tip for that waiter. Maybe you’re committing to getting yourself in better physical shape. Think about it, more energy, feeling better, looking better too. Maybe this is your time to stop smoking cigarettes. You know that they’re slowly killing you, don’t you? Whatever you decide to do, please put God first. That way you’ll have victory in your life, that’s just the way that I see things.
     So good luck and always remember that we all make mistakes in life, but God is ready to forgive us if we ask, because he loves us all. That’s the best advice that I can give to you going into the year or anytime of the year. So let us get busy and get “Nu.” Make a change for the good.
     Remember to keep the faith. Trust in God only. And, seek after a pure heart. God will be pleased.