Poetry at Cafe Cafetzin

      Ernesto Todd Mireles, host of Cafe Cafetzin’s open mic and poetry reading, and the owner/barista, Pete Vargas speaking about a ceremony in which they honor individuals for their outstanding dedication to the community and individual growth by giving them a special feather. 
     Cafe Cafetzin is located at 2013, E. Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI.  They are located in the same building as the Lopez Bakery.  They hold poetry readings on the third Thursday of every month.  Coffee, expresso and cappuccino is available.
     According to local poet and author of “Complicated Simplicity”, Tiya Kunaiyi-Akpanah the poetry readings held at Cafe Cafetzin are culturally enriching and honest.  She added, “The attendees and owners have no qualms about self expression.  The readings can be visualized as the hot salsa running through the vein of Lansing.”
    For more information, contact them at 517-482-4355.  Support your local small businesses.