CHARLOTTE, MI –  The Charlotte Roughriders dominated the National Conference North Division in the 2005 season.  Formerly known as the Lansing Lightning, the Charlotte football organization was founded in September of 2004. 
    Their goal was for players in the surrounding area who did not make it on or to college or professional football  teams to have an opportunity to showcase their skills on a semi-professional football team.  They are one of two semi-professional teams in a 50 mile radius.  The other team is based in Albion.
   “Our goal is to give athletes another chance,” said Nate Conner, head coach of The Charlotte Roughriders, “we were the underdogs in the league and we came out on top.”   Mr. Conner was voted ‘Coach of the Year’ for the 2005 season by the National Football Conference (NFC).
   The Roughriders won the NFC  in October over the West Virginia Wham.  They also made it to the Ohio Valley Football League Superbowl (OVFL)  but were unable to pull out a win against the Indianapolis Hurricanes who were 14-1.
      Even though the regular season is done.  The Roughriders also have a shot at winning the Midwest Tournament,  which will run until mid-November.
     Some of the players you may know.  Dominick Brown played for Sexton High School and at Michigan State University.   Eric Williams also played at Michigan State University.
     The Charlotte Roughriders are ranked 7th out of 33 teams according to the National AA Rankings. 
  This year they have been involved in many of Charlotte’s town activities such as the Frontier Days parade.
         The Charlotte Roughriders are looking for sponsors for their team. They are also looking to support charitable organizations in Lansing or Charlotte.  For more information log on to or contact Jack Kirkland at 517-862-2704.