Seeking to Find a Treasure? Visit Aunt Ethel’s

Written by Anir Senyah, TNCP

As a youngster, Ethel acquired a love of antiques and unique items. She often reminisces about shopping with her mother (in what is now Old Town) in the early ’70’s. She would go through items and dream about what she would buy when she grew up.

As an adult, Ethel’s interest and love of resale and antiques continued to grow. She said that she acquired so many things that her husband told her she could only buy if she sold.

And that’s what she did. The rest is history.

Resale shop, Aunt Ethel’s located at 3217 West Saginaw has furniture, antiques, collectibles and household goods.  TNCP Photos.

In January of 2005, the Owens decided to move most of their fantastic finds into the place they call “home” to their business. They opened Aunt Ethel’s located at 3217 West Saginaw Avenue.

Almost all who visit Aunt Ethel’s act like kids in a candy store. As customers peruse the store, you can see their eyes glisten with amazement at the rows and shelves of glassware, household items and collectibles. All items are neatly placed on the shelves and can easily be inspected by customers. Each room in the house/shop feels as though you’re walking through someone’s grandmother’s home. One of the rooms even features large pieces of antique furniture decorated with a pair of 50’s gloves and an antique mirror and brush.

Decorating shows dominate the airways, almost all of them praise resale shops for their useful and innovative wares. These shows have shown that it’s no longer taboo to browse aisles of gently used items for the perfect piece to decorate or accent our homes, especially if the price is right.

Take the case of one young couple that came to Aunt Ethel’s looking for the perfect piece. They were able to purchase a $15,000 Eddie Bauer dining room set with a massive table and leather chairs for only $3,000.00.

Or even look at the case of the customer that loved their life- sized sculpture of Elvis. It was one of their most interesting finds and they really didn’t want to sell it, but the customer’s persistence won them over.

With a smile Ms. Owens said, "She just kept coming back and coming back and finally we sold it to her."

That’s what sets Aunt Ethel’s apart from others in the resale business, says Jonathan and Ethel Owens. "We’ll go to auctions, buy direct or we’ll go out and search for the items we carry."

Aunt Ethel’s customers know that they carry unique, well- crafted items. That’s why customers have been returning to the store for years. Their word-of-mouth advertising has brought in other customers. One of their favorite customers is Terry Hanks, who owns Sundance car dealership. He’s always looking for Western items to add to his collection.

If you’re a collector, or just like interesting finds that you would like to compliment your current decor, Aunt Ethel’s may have that one of a kind collectible Roseville pottery that you’re looking for.

In the resale business, there isn’t a shortage of things to buy or things to sell. If you fit either category, you are going to be sure to find something that will fit your budget and enjoy.

For more information about Aunt Ethel’s please call 517-321-4808. Their e-mail address is