By Joe Walker

The New Citizens Press
SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) hosts one of the largest automotive specialty parts trade shows in the United States!
      Everything – from hot rods and import cars, to tricked-out Bentleys  - graces the floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the event is held annually. All major automotive companies are out in full force debuting their latest and greatest products. Many people look forward to attending every year.
     Unfortunately, not every person is granted access to SEMA Show. This trade show is an industry only event. But luckily, we have the highlights for you! 
     This year Honda was the title sponsor with their flagship car, the new Civic SI Coupe. The new Civic SI, modeled with many crazy modifications, was all over the show in various booths.
     The majority of SEMA Show is performance aftermarket areas, but the second largest and fastest growing area is the rims and tire section. Companies such as Giovanna Wheels (, which is featured in the popular television show, “Pimp My Ride,” had one of the largest booths. It showcased a fleet of luxury cars and SUVs sporting the latest line of rims. 
     The trends in the automotive industry keep changing, with SEMA SHOW being the place to see it happen. This year, the DUB cars were out in large numbers at the event. DUB showed bigger rims are in, and spinners are out. If you shelled out money for spinners then you’d better swap them for some 26-inch rims. 
     Don’t forget your brakes either! There were companies that offer some fashionable, functional brakes for your ride. If you got 26’s on your H2, why not get the biggest and baddest brake kit from Rotora ( to go with them? 
     The drifting craze has also gotten bigger. This year’s SEMA Show had daily drifting exhibitions. Companies like Ford, and the notorious drifters from Japan, had drift cars on display. A show floor rumor suggested drifting might influencing the next movie in “The Fast and The Furious” franchise. 
     Cars are not the only hot thing worth seeing at SEMA Show. Beautiful women are all over! These days, you can’t have hot cars without female models to help you sale them! 
     SEMA Show also attracted a lot of celebrities looking for the latest items for their rides. Every year down Mopar Alley at the show, there are handfuls of celebrity cars featured. Tony Hawk, Baby Bash and Jay Leno had some prime spots at this year’s event!
SEMA Show got bigger and better this year, and next year should be even better!