Spring Urban Fashions 1-9

by Lenka J. Wright

Lot’s of bold flashy vibrant colors are what we want for 50% of our summer wardrobe. Look for combinations of stripes, flowers, faces, maps, geometric shapes and any and every pattern that comes to mind, just focus on the colors. Red oranges, white, fuchsia, lime greens, aqua blue, yellows all the colors piled on top of each other mix and match have fun with the different patterns. A statement will definitely be made fashion bunnies.

I am talking about using these vibrant colors and patterns when choosing, bathing suits, shorts, sun dresses,flip flops,handbags, accessories, hats, sunglasses, all  articles  of clothing including your lingerie. You can pull it off but do it with class and chic appeal.   

Example One- White pants, floral print halter and strapped sandals with at least  an  3 inch heel.  Arms filled with lots of colorful bangles.   I love bangles.

Example Two- polka dot pink and orange button fly shorts with a striped cotton white, pink and orange shirt with white wedged sandals this time.

See www.coach.com. One more example a mini  sun
dress paisley print  worn with cross sandals you know the sandals that
Russell Crow wore in the movie the Gladiator. The straps crossed up the calf
sexy. So Fashion bunnies go out and splurge on your summer wears.

Don’t forget to add that style to your personal must haves such as the cell phone all colorful face plates to choose from and your date books. Look for Kate Spade, Xo Xo, Tommy Girl and one of my favorite Jones New York.

The next time your in Targets check out the Spirit of Vine, Flower and Spa.
Vine has the orange blossom, cranberry, lavender and juniper scents in a body lotion, a crème bath, shimmering powder and a body soufflé. Flower and Spa has an array of scents to choose from as well.

Great gift givers if you just want to say thank you for watching my daughter while I cleaned my entire junky closet. Father’s Day is around the corner one gift to give   is the Givenchy Fathers Day Set (above) at the Macy’s counters. If you do not have a Macy’s in your area check Lord & Taylor or Marshall Fields. 

Chow Fashion Bunnies, remember whatever you wear mist on a fragrance my choice Chic by Carolina

Printed in Volume 1 Issue 9