Surprise Back to School Shopping Spree

LANSING, MI — Early Saturday morning 24 students from the Lansing School District had the opportunity to go on a big back to school shopping spree compliments of the Lansing Jaycees.

For some of the students it was a welcome surprise especially since a tornado that ripped through the Southside of Lansing community where some of the students lived did a lot of damage.

Two of the students, Paris and Riana Jenkins’ home was affected by a fallen tree. They had no power. They arrived at Kohls department store a bit late but they were bubbling with excitement as they pick out and matched clothes.

The Lansing based Jaycees donated over $4,000 in goods and
services to make the event possible. The Kohls store opened their store early for the students and chaperones. Students were allotted about $175.00 each and were chosen by the Police Athletic League (PAL) of Lansing.

Charnita Alexander, who is the mother of Chardae and Brooklyn said, "We have been participating with PAL (Police Athletic League) since December. You just do not know how much of a blessing that PAL has been to our family. We were involved in an awesome opportunity. I really wanted to expose my children to the police department and their officers. I want them to establish trust. I didn’t really know that it was going to be as great as it turned out to be for our family."

Detective Michelle Bryant said that she loves to volunteer and work with young people. Eleven year old Chardae Alexander, who is in the 6th grade loves to play PAL basketball and stated that she is looking forward to the start of a new basketball season.

Lansing Jaycee, Briana Craig said that it was a pleasure shopping with Chardae and that she was so well behaved that she was interested in maintaining a relationship with her.

Detective Bryant said that this is her first year working with the Jaycees on this project and looked forward to working with them next year. Portia Dyrenforth said, "The most incredible part of it was that the Chairperson of this event, Tracy Prush, just had a baby and she did an excellent job. My experience shopping with Brooklyn was
incredible. She is a sweet person."

For more information about the Lansing Jaycees contact For more information about
PAL please call 517-483-6022.