Terrell Owens To Release Children’s Books

In perhaps an even bigger shock than erroneous reports of a suicide attempt, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens has announced he will release his first children’s book in mid November.     Little T is a boy who doesn’t want to share his new football; he is afraid that his friends might mess it up. When he tries to play by himself, however, he realizes that football isn’t any fun alone. Thanks to his mother’s good advice, he wins back his friends, and learns the virtue of sharing and the importance of being fair.

"I tried to play outside alone and throw it by myself, but football isn’t football unless you play with someone else," Little T says in the book.

"It’s a life lesson for discipline," co-author Courtney Parker said Friday on The Dallas Morning News’ Web site. "It’s ironic because he’s considered one of the more undisciplined players in the NFL."

The book is the first to be released from T.O.’s Timeout Series, reports the Morning News. The second book, "Little T Learns What Not to Say," is due in spring 2007, and the third, "Little T Learns To Say I’m Sorry," is scheduled for release the following fall.

Terrell is in his 11th season with the NFL. He is one of the league’s most interesting players and the author of  two autobiographies Catch This and T.O. He lives in Dallas.