The Day Has Come

I have watched my wife and oldest son write poems for the last couple of years.  I never considered myself to be a poet.  But this year, I made a promise to myself to pick up a pen and write a poem.  Well that day has come.

Now I must warn you that this poem may not be very good, but it comes from my soul and my heart.  I guess that is what matters anyway.  Expressing your feeling can be a great way to understanding your own self.  Learning to open up your heart and let your feelings flow is instrumental in allowing yourself to grow too.

So in writing my first poem, I hope that someone will read it and maybe someone will hopefully try their hand at a poem or two.  You may not be interested in poetry, maybe you always wanted to paint, sing or try karate.  I suggest that you do it.

God has given us all talents.  Some we have to work really hard at and others come easy.  It is time that we begin to enjoy and use the ones we have, while sharpening the skills of the talents we desire.


By Frank Risper

A simple being living in a complicated world

Feeling so lost

Standing in a crowded room,

Yet feeling so alone.

Sometimes you cry out,

“Father God I want to come home.”

But his answer is always the same.

Live on my child, live on.

The sun rises.

The alarm goes off.

You rise to meet the day.

One foot before the other you go.

Carrying this shell of flesh and bone

that you find yourself housed in.

With each breath that you take,

you long for freedom

from the madness of this world

Sickness, war, fear, hatefulness and jealously

And your only weapon is love?

December 2006