The New Citizens Press Q & A: An interview with Rihanna

TNCP – Being one of biggest stars in the country keeps you in high demand.You’re always going here and there to make appearances. When do you find time to relax and just be yourself?
Rihanna – I try to wind down when I’m on the plane or when I’m eating. I don’t want to hear anything about business or my career then. I just want to relax, call home and talk to my family and friends in Barbados.

TNCP – Your mother and father invested a lot into your education and grooming, which contributed to you getting where you are today. How do they feel about your success in the music industry and the more mature direction you’re going now?
Rihanna – They are so, so proud, and very supportive. They’re unbelievably supportive, whether it’s good or bad. I could kill somebody and they’d support me. Well … not really [Laughs]. But they really have my back. They’re proud of what I’m doing.

TNCP – How are your fans reacting to you growing and changing right before their eyes?
Rihanna – My fans have all started with me. And as I grow, they’re going to grow with me. I plan to take them with me until I’m 30. When I’m 30, my fans are not going to be listening to what they were listening to 12 years ago. I plan to keep my hands on them. I like having a connection with my fans because it helps them to be loyal. And I’m dedicated to them.

TNCP – Even though you and your loyal fans are growing together, you’re still getting new, younger fans – in America and back in your home country. A lot of those fans are female, and you’re automatically considered a role model. Are you comfortable with that?
Rihanna – I’m very comfortable being a role for America and Barbados, but it puts a lot of pressure on me. Now I have to keep my eyes open and be very aware of what I do, more-so now than before because I know I have to set good examples for younger females and teenagers in general.

TNCP – How do you handle all the pressures of your career and not let it negatively affect you?
Rihanna – It’s tough, it’s very hard, and it’s a lot of work, but I keep my eye on the prize. Only God knows how things are going to go and so far everything has been going great.