The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Written by Denise Turney

It is not surprising that the talented author, Nicolas Sparks’ novel The Notebook is now a major motion picture.  Readers acquainted with Message In A Bottle, Three Weeks With My Brother and The Wedding, are familiar with Sparks’ skill.  Keeping to style, the writing in The Notebook is crisp, simple to the point of genius, deeply moving and impacting.

I saw the movie version of The Notebook prior to reading the book.  Nearly every other time I have seen a movie prior to reading the book, I found the book lacking, but not with The Notebook.  The story is gripping from the first page.  Based on the true life romance shared between his wife’s parents, Sparks waste no time getting to the heart of the young couple’s enduring bond.

It is not enough that the couple is world’s apart when it comes to their social positions in life, their family backgrounds and their financial status.  At first glance, they appear ill suited for one another, but love sees them differently.  The tug and pull the couple struggles with while Allie, the teenage girl in the story, works to listen to then follow her heart, attempts to choose a safe life, and earn the respect and approval of her parents, finds the story, at times, gut wrenching.                              The poster from the movie based on the book

Most of all, it is the ending, the picture of a loving relationship so enduring and deep, even when placed against tragedy, that creates the miracle buried inside the pages of The Notebook.  This is one of the most moving and tightly written books I have read in years.  Nicholas Sparks is a master.  His will be a long and lustrous career in the world of writing and books.  The Notebook is another of his remarkable gems.