TNCP Review talks one-on-one with renowned artist, Julian Van Dyke; he reveals the story behind each artwork

By TNCP Review

In this episode, TNCP Review show host and publisher, Rina Risper, has an in-depth interview with famed, renowned artist, Julian Van Dyke who reviews the story behind his featured artwork.

Julian Van Dyke was commissioned and awarded last year’s City of East Lansing Grove Alley Mural Project: he participate in the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s Art Residency in the Schools (North School Mural), volunteers through the Junior Achievement and independently.
Van Dyke’s work was exhibited at the Humanities Art Center at Kettering University Flint, Michigan, he was cast in Riverwalk Theatre’s award-winning production of Bud, Not Buddy a two-week show at the Keys To Creativity that featured images from the play, paints at outside events (2018 Solstice Jazzfest and Armory Jazzfete) ending with his grand retrospective exhibition show at the META COLLECTIVE gallery near Old Town in Lansing, Ml.
His mural work can be found on several buildings including the Hotwaterworks building and the Jerusalem Bakery on Michigan Avenue in Lansing, ML. He has authored children’s books: The Things We Do At My School, The Music We Call Jazz, Juneteenth Celebrating freedom, and So You Think You Can Color?
About Julian Van Dyke’s life works
Born in Benton Harbor, Mich., Julian Van Dyke was introduced to art at the age of three. His mother, a former teacher, encouraged him to draw images of Santa Claus, and ever since then, he’s had a pencil or paint brush in his hand.
As an adult, Julian moved to Lansing, Mich. where he attended Lansing Community College, taking various art classes and growing his skill. Soon he began to exhibit his work in area group shows whenever there was an opportunity.
In the late 80’s, when Old Town began its transformation to Lansing’s arts district, Julian opened his studio on Turner Street (in what is now Dreammaker Bath and Kitchen). It was then that he met Robert Busby, Terry Terry and other Old Town supporters who worked together to make Old Town the thriving, creative hub that it is today.
Currently Julian serves as artist and vice president at the newly opened Keys to Creativity, located at the Lansing Mall. Julian’s murals can be found up and down Michigan Avenue as well as in several Lansing district schools.
He has exhibited at Artist-Is-In-Market at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Mich. and has been represented by Agora Gallery in Manhattan, N.Y. for the past three years. His works can also be found at Cooley Law School, The Eyde Company, Clark and Hill Law Offices and the School of Business and Engineering Building at Michigan State University.
Recently, Julian’s work was selected by the City of East Lansing for the Grove Alley Mural Project, which will be unveiled in May 2016. He is also a teaching artist, and in 2015 he was selected to participate in the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s Artists-in-Residence program. In addition to painting, he has also authored several children’s books, including “The Things We Do at My School;” “Juneteenth, Celebrating Freedom;” and “The Music We Call Jazz” (Xlibris Publishing).
Julian always finds time to visit local schools and talk to young students as he believes that, “Art is strengthened when it’s given to our youth.”