Where’s the Proof Mr. Bush?

By Bro. Ishmael Muhammad

As the leadership of America seems determined to start a war with Iraq. President Bush has gone to great lengths to state his position as to why war with Iraq is necessary and why Saddam Hussein must be removed from power. He has tried to justify his position by claiming that the Iraqi President has weapons of mass destruction and he poses a threat to use them against the American people. President Bush has even went on to claim that President Hussein is not a legitimate leader for the people of Iraq, despite the fact that he just won his bid for re-election and the people of Iraq stand behind his leadership. The American President’s State of the Union Address was full of clichés on why military action would rid the world of this enemy to world peace and the American way of life. His message contained a passionate plead of support for war, but it missed the key ingredient–proof.
Since President Bush has set himself up as the moral authority on who deserves to rule, ignoring the United Nations and international law. He has forgotten the rules that bring about justice. In the court system a person is supposed to be assumed innocent until proved guilty. It is the job of the Prosecutor to gather facts and show evidence that proves the guilt of the person on trial. President Bush has yet to prove to the people of America that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and how those weapons would threaten America, since Iraq doesn’t have a missile powerful enough to reach America. If Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, why is President Bush telling them what they can or cannot have in their own country? Certainly American wouldn’t tolerate an outside power telling her what weapons she can or cannot have. We should remember the only country to use weapons of mass destruction is the United States in Japan.
And now based on his accusation he wants to send military troops to Iraq to overthrow or murder a Head of State in a war that could cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars. Show me the proof.
There are plenty injustices, problems, faults, troubles and issues that the American people are concerned about right in this country. The economy is a wreck. Unemployment is high. The educational system needs immediate repair. Health care is unaffordable for many seniors and hard-working people. Corporate greed and corruption threatens to deplete retirement plans and pensions. The stock market is the most unstable it has been in recent memory. Sexism, classism, racism and materialism these are the things that threaten America. Is going to war with Iraq going to fix these problems? If Saddam Hussein were the cause for these problems and going to war would fix America I would be in agreement with President Bush. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan said recently, “America is not suffering because of something or someone from the outside. America is suffering because of what’s going on in the inside.” The time, energy and money spent trying to bully around Saddam Hussein would be better spent fixing what’s tearing this country apart from within.
I invite you all to stand up against war. Join us at 2pm; February 23 at the Lansing Center, when the Hon. Louis Farrakhan will be live via satellite delivering a message entitled “America at the Crossroads- War is Not the Answer”. We need to know the truth about why Mr. Bush is so determined to go to war. We more importantly need to know the effect such a war will have on the oppressed and poor people here in America. War always comes at a cost. Historically it is the poor and underclass that suffer the most during war and benefit the least. The question is, do you want to pay the cost for a war that is yet to be justified with real proof.

To register for the satellite message of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan call 517-485-1117 or 517-782-3958 or e-mail wsd03_lansing@yahoo.com

February 9, 2003 – February 22, 2003