Who Told You Can’t Succeed

Meshell R Baker

Meshell R Baker, ShiftCo Co-Founder is one of the speakers that presented at Black Media Weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma during Juneteenth Weekend 2022.

By Meshell Baker

Meshell’s Success Misnomer #1 – There is no can’t. There are an infinite number of ways to get to your desired result.

Let’s get right down to it. The reason you struggle is not because of a lack of resources. But instead, it is your beliefs limiting our ability to activate your resourcefulness. There is NO ONE telling you… You can’t. It is what you have been saying to yourself for too long, and now you believe it.

It’s these negative thoughts and self-talk, that you can’t seem to get a hold of, bringing your drive and determination to a screeching halt. And all that’s left… the seeds of dreams deferred and disappointing thoughts that unchecked harvest the excuses and alibis of why you can’t or why you’re not ready.

C – Conditioning
A – Accepts
N – Negative
T – Truths

You see can’t is a symbol of your disbelief in your abilities. What has happened, over time, is a deep-rooted distrust of yourself. This brings forth behaviors of minimal effort followed by endless discussions of why it won’t work. Still not sure if what I’m saying is true? (Don’t believe me?) Here is an activity to demonstrate the power of your negative and recurring thoughts.

Decide to do one activity that makes you feel uncomfortable, by end of the today.

Write it down and tell someone who will hold you accountable. Now, I want you to capture (write or voice memo) all the thoughts you have, throughout the day, about the impending uncomfortable activity. Here are some questions to help you track your thoughts.

Are my thoughts positive or negative?

Do I believe what I’m thinking?

Are these thoughts helping me?

What am I imagining about the activity?

Is my imagination positive or negative?

What you will discover is what you are telling yourself is either helping or hurting you. And either way, there is always room to grow and improve. To have the career and life you desire demands aligning your thoughts to empower you to create and deliver possibilities. What do I mean by possibility?

It is your belief in yourself to create, to direct your thoughts toward a favorable outcome for all involved.

This is why Top Performers are exceptional. They work from the inside out. Believing first and foremost in themselves and their abilities before engaging in business or selling.

Here’s an example of possibility. If I gave you a box of vanilla cake mix and said, “bake a cake.” What I would expect and what you would deliver, would be a vanilla cake.

Now, if I gave you that same box of vanilla cake mix and said “make a dessert.” Well, now the fun begins! I have set your mind free of the confines of the expected. Your mind begins to expand and imagine the possibility. You get to deliver results that exceed expectations and showcase just how extraordinary you can be… given the chance.

To further illustrate the expansiveness of possibilities. I googled “unconventional ways to bake a cake” and came across, “16 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Cake Mix.”

Isn’t it amazing, the power of words?! There are limitless ways to discover your answers and solutions as well as an endless abundance of opportunity and it all begins when you believe you can.

People who do incredible and amazing things, those who defy the odds and achieve greatness do so despite their humble beginnings, upbringings, devastating setbacks, and heart-stopping losses. They look past what is visible to their eyes and focus on the unseen and unknown.

C – Creativity
A – Actively
N – Nurtured

You can and will succeed. I believe the best way to impact your success and increase your revenues is to invest in your mind. And the best ways to achieve this are courses, community, and coaching.

Invest in being the best, you are worth it!

Meshell Baker is the Chief Confidence Igniter helping women business owners and sales leaders around the globe empower to ignite confident belief and enable their people to develop high-performance resilience and unstoppable confidence.

She is a MBA, author, and columnist. An experienced sales leader, board advisor, founder, award-winning keynote, and renowned transformational confidence coach. She welcomes questions at hello@meshellbaker.com. Check out her website at www.meshellbaker.com