Willie Fuller

Are you involved in your local neighborhood association? How long? If not, what other local volunteer/civic organizations have you been involved with? If you have, name one accomplishment. Yes I am involved. I’ve been involved for three years. We obtain grants to help local businesses in the Saginaw corridor area.
In what capacity have you ever worked with those who areeconomically distressed, or people of color? I’ve been a facilitator for the Northwest Initiative, helping people with housing issues and emergency assistance.
How will you encourage voters that don’t typically vote? By encouraging them that their vote does count and by bringing integrity to city government.
Do or did your children attend school in Lansing?If they don’t, why? Yes my children did attend schools in Lansing.
How do you plan to build relationships with churches, businesses, and residents? By having townhouse meetings with different groups once a month and listening to their concerns.
What are your plans for the South side, especially the Pleasant Grove and Holmes intersection?  To meet with the traffic department and find out the best solution to the traffic problem.
What is your opinion regarding the South side Community Center, and combining the Capital Area District Library with the Impression Five museum? What are your plans for the Oliver Towers? We made a promise ( that is the city of Lansing) we should build a South side community center. Leave everything just like it is and improve the Oliver Towers.
Where did you attend K-12? I attended Swayzer Elementary and Richwood High School in Monroe Louisiana.
What is your educational background? What is your professional background?I am a High School graduate, I attended the University of Louisiana Monroe, Lansing Community College, and Michigan State Police Academy. I am the Vice President of Shanora’s Beauty and Barber Supply inc., a realtor, Landlord, Supervisor at GM, Union Representative, and Entrepreneur.
What is your favorite recreational spot? Riverfront bike trails.
Do you feel that Lansing is on the move and why? Yes somewhat, but there is still room for improvement. i.e. jobs for the youth, and Lansing residents."