XPOZ Music Reviews 4-11

Baby Bash
Super Saucy
By Joe Walker

Too often Baby Bash sounds like the product of a ‘How To Rap Kit.’ As impressive as some of his latest production has been, Bash foils the rhythm with verses that sound like something from a just learning level. On Super Saucy, he’ll get the club jumping with tracks like “Throwed Off,” “No Way Jose,” and “Bubbalicious,” but his verses are like using smoke signals to communicate with your best friend when you both own Nextel phones – utterly ridiculous.


John Cena & Tha Trademarc
By Mike Hop

The champ is here! John Cena brings his ruthless aggression outside the ring with good results. “You Can’t See Me” is filled with rugged Hip Hop beats, provided mostly by Jake One and Chaos & Order, and vintage spitfire from John Cena and the Ghostface to his Raekwon, Tha Trademarc. There is plenty to nod your head to on this LP. “The Time Is Now”, “Keep Frontin’” and “Bad,Bad Man” featuring Bumpy Knuckles are a few of the best tracks. John Cena surprisingly switches up his delivery (something a lot of more creditable rappers don’t do) and he even shows his story telling ability on “If It All Ended Tomorrow”. “You Can’t See Me” is only flawed by the occasional verse or hook that comes off dated and corny. This is most evident on “Running Game” or “Right Now”, which begs for a Will Smith verse to cement its lameness. John Cena’s rap debut isn’t as innovative as his WWE belts and persona, but it’s hot. “You Can’t See Me” solidifies Cena as a rapper, no gimmick.