Best, Brightest and Most Beautiful 2005: Brant A. Johnson

Brant A. Johnson, Owner and President of Beri Bee Enterprises and Program Director of 96.5 WQHH

         Brant A. Johnson is from the Northwest side of Detroit, MI.  He graduated from Mumford High School after going to University of Detroit High School, an all male catholic school until the 12th grade. He is a graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. in Telecommunications and a Graduate of Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
He has been employed at Mid-Michigan FM, Power 96.5 FM, since November of 1990.  He began at the station as an intern for the AM, WXLA 1180. He has been employed in all capacities; over-nights, mornings, production director, and  specialty shows.  He is the current Program Director of WQHH, 96.5.
He is also the Owner and President of Beri Bee Enterprises, L.L.C., which encompasses, vending machines and entertainment promotions.  He places vending machines for consumer use.
Brant’s repertoire is always expanding, he also promote shows.  He is currently developing an artist consultant firm, which will consult artists on the music business, including packaging, marketing, copyrighting, contracts, and budgeting.
When asked about what Brant does on his off time he said his hobbies are plentiful.
Brant added, “I love movies, especially classics; I’m a sports enthusiast, golf, working out, and basketball;  I collect music; and I’m working on restoring my 1987 car.  I enjoy socializing with small intimate mature crowds
and backyard bar-b-quest.”
When asked about his personal life, Brant smiled and said, “I enjoy positive, confident, mature, ambitious, independent, and naturally beautiful women with a sense of humor.  I do not like uptight selfish women who try to throw their need for independence in a man’s face.  It’s unnecessary and boring, I have 4 very successful sisters.”
He is single with no children.