2010 Most Influential & Interesting

LANSING, MI —  During the entire year prior to this edition, we are looking for people who are doing great things in our community.  They may or may not be on your radar but to The New Citizens Press they provide value to our community.  We also realize that there are others who you think belong in “The Most Influential and Interesting” column.  We are willing to consider anyone regardless of race, affiliations, education or socioeconomic background.

“The Best, Brightest and Most Beautiful” edition will be printed in the June 20 – July 3 edition.  We have some very talented individuals in that edition as well.  It has been amazing to see what TNCP’s honorees are doing.  We also provide updates.

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Dr. Jerome L. Reid

Tim Skubick
Dr. Margaret Aguwa

Robert E. Proctor
Willye Bryan