By Anir Senyah
The New Citizens Press

  DEWITT, MI –  The morning show hostess for 96.5, Charmaine Green (Char-Boogy) arrived in Lansing in November 2004 from New York.  She is originally from Muskegon Heights, MI and graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Communications and Criminal Justice.
     She always wanted to be in radio broadcasting though and broadened her horizons by pursing her goals by completing a program at Specs Howard  School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, MI.
     Her new position takes her closer to home on 100.1 FM (WVID) serving Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI on the Tom Joyner in The Morning Show.
     Char-Boogy smiled and said, “I have always wanted to work on the Tom Joyner in The Morning Show.”
     She added with a smile while pointing at her shirt emblazoned with ‘WQHH POWER 96.5’ she said, “I thank Helena DuBose for her guidance and mentoring throughout my time at 96.5.”
     Her interview ended when she said, “I had a great time in Lansing and I met good people.” 
    Char Boogy is a contestant on a internet reality show by AOL (www.aol.com and search ‘the biz’) and the contestants vie for the opportunity to run and own a own record company.