Best, Brightest and Most Beautiful 2005: Jenny Pham

Jenny Pham
Owner, Venus Personal Image

Jenny Pham’s family left Vietnam five years after the communist takeover in 1975.  Her family decided to leave Vietnam because her father was not happy under Communist rule.
The family left Vietnam in a small boat to escape to a better life and three days into the trip they were attacked by pirates.
The pirates took everything of value and killed several of the passengers.
The fourth day at sea did not prove to be any better for  the passengers, they ran out of food and water.
Fortunately, they were rescued by a German ship that took them to Thailand.
Five months after staying in a refugee camp permission was granted for the family to immigrate to the United States.
Pham went to Eastern High School in Lansing, MI.  She had dreams of being a nurse but she got married and had children.
She had once owned a photography business with her husband.  While taking pictures of other people she realized that she enjoyed doing makeup and styling hair.
“It was natural for me to go to beauty school,”  said Pham.
She did very well in school often rising as the top student in her class .  In March of 2004, she went back to beauty school and graduated with a degree in Instructor Course of Study.
Pham said, “I am investing in my business for my children (Charlie, 16, Vanessa, 13 and Sandy, 10).   I sacrifice a lot for this reason.”
Pham is currently a single mother  who is involved with her children’s activities.
“I have to stand up for myself,” she stated with conviction.
She enjoys volunteering at her church, St. Andrews Dung-Lac Catholic Church.  When asked what she does in her spare time she stated that she enjoys singing in the church choir.
She is opening her own beauty salon which will be a contemporary  salon with affordable prices.  The grand opening of Venus Personal Image will be during the first week of June at the Meridian Mall (Marshall Fields Department Store wing across from 90’s Nails).
For  information, call 517-349-7779.      She is looking for experienced stylists and a manager.