Best, Brightest and Most Beautiful 2005: Tanee Elston

Tanee Elston
News Director for WQHH/WXLA

     Tanee grew up in Flint, MI spending the summers working in her father Architectural Firm “Water Street Design,” it was not her life long dream to become a journalist.  Tanee was preparing to become an Architect like her father.
When asked why she choose journalism and broadcasting over mathematics and engineering.  Tanee said “I had a change of heart my junior year at Michigan State University after watching the Jessica Savage story on Lifetime. To Tanee it was simple she identified with Jessica, who was a strong woman, independent and a dedicated journalist.  “It was like a light-bulb went off,” Tanee explained. “I realized I wanted to be in news.”
Tanee joined WQHH /WXLA November 2003, as an Account Executive, a creative marketing department for local and national WQHH/WXLA clientele.  In January 2004, Tanee became the News Director for WQHH/WXLA. Her duties include researching, writing and producing a daily newscast for the 7, 8 and 9 o’ clock hours.
Before coming to WQHH/WXLA Tanee, interned a WJRT Channel 12 in Flint, MI she also worked at MSU with ESPN sports production.  She began her broadcasting career on Michigan State University TV Program “Focal Point,” and radio stations WDBM (88.9 FM) in 2001.Before broadcasting, Tanee was reporter for MSU newspaper The State News, receiving college accolades in print journalism. As a reporter Tanee covered News, Entertainment and Sports daily. She also served two-terms on the paper’s Editorial Board as the Minority Representative.
Tanee takes journalism very seriously and is a listener’s journalist. Their trust is an important part of her job. Although Flint will always be Tanee home she loves living in Lansing and likes participating in community events and working out.
Her favorite local places to be and eat and are Gregory’s Ice and Smoke (Chicken Wings & Toast), 621 and Troppo’s.