Excuse Me… 4-16

Dear Readers,

     School has started already.  It seems as though time is flying.  Anissa my four years old will be attending pre school this year.  This will be interesting.   It seems as though they are growing before my eyes and I can hardly believe it.
     The Risper household was out of control this summer.  Anissa discovered infomercials.  One day as I was working, I heard a blood curdling scream, “Mama, Mama, come here quickly I need youuuuuuuuuu NOW!!!”
     As a mother when you hear your child scream you automatically run.  I am still trying to figure out how my two youngest came to call me “Mama”.  I told them my name was “Mommy”.  My husband’s deceased mother was the only person that I ever knew who was called “Mama”.  I guess if the two babies want to call me “Mama” they can.
     But getting back to the story….  I am risking life and limb to get into their playroom to see exactly what is going on and I stub my toe.  Hopping on one foot I ask Anissa, “What is is wrong?”
     She looks at me with her big brown eyes and points at the television. 
     “I want that.”
       I stared in disbelief at the television as the spokesperson commences to tell the viewing audience how easy it is to make ice cream cake. 
     Wincing in pain, I said, “ You were screaming like that for a Betty Crocker ice cream bake and fill cake pan????!!!!”
      She replied quite calmly, “Yes, and I need my own stove and refrigerator to cook with.  Do you have some money?”
       I told her that I did not have money for the Betty Crocker ice cream cake bake and fill cake pan that would probably stop working for me as soon as I touched it.
       Anissa started to fill me in on all of the other details and proceeds to tell me that I have to pay for it because she does not have a job yet.  I guess she picked that up from my husband and I always telling our oldest son that he can have certain things when he gets a job.
    She has picked up a lot.  She watches the cooking channel in Spanish and won’t let you change the channel.  She says that she likes the cooking channel.   Even though she understands a little Spanish, she does not understand fractions and the more complex words. 
     But you can not tell Anissa a thing while she sits in the easy chair with her legs crossed.  Sometimes Amir the two-year old gets brave enough to try and get on the chair it turns out to be a battle of the loudest.  I can not believe how loud toddlers can be.  Hmmm…… did I tell you that I wanted more children.
     The battle of the waffles, beings when there are only two waffles left in the bag.  They will watch the toaster watch them pop out and then proceed to the table.  If you were smart you would have put one waffle on two separate plates.  But no on that day, I must have been lost in space.  I began to pour the syrup as they watched as sugar plum fairies danced in their heads.  I put a little dab of butter on it and they started to rub their hands together. 
    I picked up one of the waffles to put on another and World War IV broke out in the kitchen.
     Anissa started screaming, “Hey……that’s my waffle..  It is not yours it is mine.”
      Amir begins to whine, “No NiNi, it’s mine….”
     I begin to think, “I hope that the phone does not ring.”
      I finally got them both calmed down by offering Amir a peanut butter sandwich.  It is nutritious, probably more so than the waffles.  It was a hot mess.  I turned my back for a moment to wipe up syrup from the waffle that Amir had thrown on the floor and with one swoop his entire hand was in the peanut butter jar.
    “I love peanut butter”, he squealed.
    “I know”, I said softly.  If I spoke softly, I thought that maybe the rest of the day would be easier.  Of course they both had peanut butter sandwiches.  When breakfast was done for that day,  I was ready to take a nap and it was only 9:45.  But thank goodness for Noggin.  I love my cable.  Every one was cleaned up and “Move to the Music” was coming on.  They could dance for a whole half hour and work off some energy before they could really argue with me about not taking a nap. 
     I needed a nap and I did not even do any dancing.  Did I tell you that I wanted to have another one?  Well, if God decided to bless me with one exactly like the ones I have I would take him or her in a heart beat.  I may have a heart attack in the process though.
     Oh, next time, I will have to tell you about the dramatic rescue of “Princess” the baby bird that was found in Comstock Park.

Rina N. Risper