Frandor ownership considered ending their lease with CATA and removing the bus stops

Statement by Mayor Andy Schor, Lansing Police Chief Ellery Sosebee, Frandor Ownership Representative Patrick Corr, and CATA Director of Marketing & Customer Experience and Public Information Officer Lolo Robison on Compromise of CATA Bus Stops at Frandor Shopping Center:

“When I heard that Frandor ownership was ending their lease with CATA and removing the bus stops located in the heart of the shopping center, I contacted the Frandor ownership group to see if these very important stops could be preserved. Hundreds of riders use these stops on a weekly basis, whether it’s for getting to their places of employment or to the places that they shop at for their essential household items. Given that these stops are located on private property and there is little the City can do, as well as understanding the issues involved, I am pleased to report that the Frandor ownership group has agreed to continue to have CATA service at their current locations at the shopping center. Customers and employees will still have the opportunity to utilize public transit in the same locations that they have been. Similarly, businesses will still have the ability to welcome customers without the disruptions that they reported to ownership. The City of Lansing will continue to provide police assistance and social services as possible. This situation will be revisited by all parties over the next several months. I appreciate the concerns of the neighborhood, the work of Council members including Councilman Daniels, the involvement of our Neighborhoods Department, and the work of all parties to find a solution that continues to ensure accessibility to Frandor,” said Mayor Andy Schor.

“We are glad the parties involved have found a resolution to this complicated issue. We look forward to working with Corr Commercial Real Estate, CATA, and the community to ensure a safe experience for bus riders, shoppers, and restaurant patrons in the Frandor area,” said Lansing Police Chief Ellery Sosebee.

“After working closely with City of Lansing Mayor Schor, Lansing Retail Center has agreed, on a trial basis, to allow the two existing bus stops, within the Frandor Shopping Center, to remain. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with CATA and appreciate the Lansing Police Department’s partnership in making sure that the Frandor Shopping Center is a welcoming and safe place to work and shop. We would like to thank Mayor Andy Schor for his dedication and steadfast efforts in finding a reasonable solution for everyone,” said Frandor ownership representative Patrick Corr.

“We look forward to working with the community to resolve the concerns presented by Lansing Retail Center (Frandor) on behalf of our riders and the communities we mutually serve. CATA is not the cause of our region’s homelessness crisis, though we have and will continue our efforts to work with City of Lansing officials and others in our community to contribute positively, effectively, and productively to better serve the interests of those who remain unsheltered. We seek alignment with our mission, vision and values, and a committed partnership in order to best serve our community of riders. Ideally, we would prefer a longer-term agreement, which will give the community a realistic timeframe within which to address the overall issue of homelessness. If permitted by Lansing Retail Center, we would agree to continue to provide service to riders at our existing bus stops in the Frandor Shopping Center as a temporary stop-gap solution. We do so in order to allow riders continued access to the valued services provided by Frandor’s tenants. CATA remains committed to being part of the solution,” said CATA Director of Marketing & Customer Experience and Public Information Officer Lolo Robison.