God Wants You To Be Free

Written by Frank Risper

Do you feel like you are free in your mind and spirit?  You know, the way God planned you to be free.

I wonder if I am truly free.  I wonder if my possessions have me in bondage.

I believe that a lot of people spend too much time watching others.  Others spend too much time wondering what others are doing. I am here to tell you that watching and wondering about others is not on the path to personal freedom.

Freedom is a state of mind.  Nothing more and nothing less.  We as human beings need to understand that.

Who or what has your way to freedom blocked?  Are you willing to surrender everything for freedom?

Are you one of the people that has not experienced the level of freedom that God wishes for you?  Are you wrapped up in your worldly possessions and not able to live without them.

Sit down and think about how this mindset may affect you or the way that you deal with family members.

Are you free to be open with your close family members?  Were your parents free to be open with you or are they now?

If not.  Why not?

This is a very important question that deserves an honest answer.

For most, knowingly repeating a pattern of self imprisonment is harmful to loved ones.  It is both frightening and disappointing when you are not able to be productive and liberated in mind and spirit.

It is not just you who loses.  Everyone loses because you are not being all that you can be.

As I stated earlier, God wants you to be free.  Through God you can find the key to earn your spiritual freedom.  He has the power to set you free and lead you on the path to victory.

Remember to keep the faith, trust in God only and seek after a pure heart.  God will be pleased.