Let’s Talk About Self-Love and Self-Respect

Written by Frank Risper

Personally, I can’t stand a limp handshake. When someone shakes my hand weakly, I start thinking that the person has problems or issues with respect for others. Then I think, well everyone should know the rules of handshaking, and unless there’s a physical problem, everyone should give a good firm handshake.

When you walk, do you walk with your head up and your back straight? Or do you walk with your shoulders bent? Think about it for a minute. What does your posture say about you? When was the last time you checked your posture? It’s probably has been a while unless you still reside with your mother.

If you dress poorly by wearing sloppy clothes and don’t have proper grooming skills, it betrays you and gives you a look of immediate lack of self respect, for yourself. Often times the woman who feels that she doesn’t deserve or need to spend money on a new hairstyle should be the first one to the beauty parlor. Make an appointment as soon as possible because I’m here to tell you that you deserve it. I know that some times I will try to stretch out that previous haircut one more week. Every once in a while is fine but we can’t get into the habit of waiting. It’s not good or positive.

In fact, the moment we become aware of any form of self-neglect we should counteract it with an act of self-love.

Without exception the roots of self-hatred should be buried in the past. If today you are trying to do the right thing in life, then you have every reason to hold your head up high and hold a high opinion of yourself.

You have to learn to focus on what you are becoming rather than who you used to be.

In the same line of thought, some of you should be talking to your young sons about the way they are dressing. You know I am talking about the ones with the pants hanging half way down their butts. The style is not very becoming and is mimicking prisoners who are not allowed to wear belts.

We have enough self hate and enough of our people in the prison system. My oldest son tried to go that way and I was having no parts of it. Do you know what your teenagers are doing and why they are doing it. Are they exhibiting self respect?

Go out and by your son a new belt, just to make your point clear to him. It may help him hold up his pants but moreover it will put him in the category with other self respecting young men.

Remember to keep the faith, trust in God only and seek after a pure heart. God will be pleased.