Mortgage Talk Can Be Confusing… Ask the Mortgage Broker Your Questions.

By Tony Howard

The term  "Subprime Mortgages"  describes customers  who may  have less than  perfect credit, income that cannot be verified or some other factor that prevents them from being  considered a Prime Mortgage Customer.
Most mortgages are ultimately to be traded  on the stock market.   Prime Mortgages, sometimes referred to as Conforming Mortgages, have been traded on the Stock Market for many years.  In the early nineties, Lenders began to trade Subprime Mortgages on the Stock Market.  These riskier mortgages being traded on the  Stock Market helped fuel the Housing Boom that occurred about  two to three years ago.
Often times Subprime Mortgages would have periods of 2 to 3 years in which  the rate was fixed.  After that fixed  period the rate could  move up or down usually every 6 months.   The rate is usually tied to an index (a daily detailed list of what major world  banks charge each other for inter bank loans)  This index is used to set adjustable rate mortgages.
The idea is that as the index  moves so shall your interest rate.  There are many variations of this kind of Mortgage. (One should make sure your Mortgage Professional explains in detail how your adjustable  rate mortgage works before entering into this kind of transaction).
The mortgage meltdown has occurred because investors in the Stock Market are now not confident that the people who have and would borrow under these Mortgage Programs will not repay these loans.  This lack of confidence has happen probably do the high number of loans defaults and foreclosure experience with Subprime lately.
With very few investors to buy Subprime Loans lenders are very cautious in lending to Subprime Borrowers.   The days of buying  homes with no money down may be a thing of the past, if you are a Subprime Borrower.
If you are in need of Refinancing your existing Mortgage and need more than 90% of the value of your home it may be challenging if you are a Subprime Borrower.   Now more than ever  it is extremely important to have an experienced knowledgeable professional handling your mortgage transaction.
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