Nu Resolution 6-3

By Joe Walker

How often do you take quality over quantity?

I’ve screamed, you’ve screamed, we’ve all screamed for ice cream … at 10:12PM while watching primetime television. Cravings, like a cold and episodes of The Nanny, come on suddenly: we agree something must be done about each – immediately!

Once you’ve worked all day or spent several hours in school, leaving the comforts of home doesn’t sound too appealing. But the ice cream is calling you; you must have some. You’re going to have some.

No longer an option of if you should go, the question becomes where should you go to get it.

Thankfully for residents of Lansing, East Lansing and Okemos, Quality Dairy stores are conveniently located on street corners throughout town, to what seems like every three blocks in either direction. Their selection of flavors, though extremely tasty, isn’t as extensive as most brand names. So, you could simply drive farther to one of the bigger grocery chains for variety, right? Yeah, that sounds great, doesn’t it?

You’ll park in a huge parking lot, take a long stroll to the entrance, hike a reasonable distance to the freezer section, ponder thousands of ice cream flavors before making a selection, then go stand in long line while wondering why this massive grocery outlet has one checkout lane open. Yes, this will keep you away from home, away from your television longer. Men In Trees is only on for an hour; you’re not about to miss the whole show. And you have to get up early tomorrow.

New Resolution #4: Less is more, get in and get out!