Well, if you were waiting for R. Kelly to confess on BET Tonight with Ed Gordon, you didn’t get your wish. In fact we didn’t really learn anything new … about the infamous tape that allegedly “stars” him.

For the record, Kelly denied that the person on the tape, which shows a man, who “looks” like Kelly, involved with a young girl is him.

“I’ve done a lot of wrong things in my life but I am not a criminal …I am not a monster that people are saying I am…And if people out there have a tape of me and they’re saying it’s me and a young girl, a minor…then they’re sadly mistaken or they’re lying…I can say with all confidence it’s not me, ” Kelly responded to Gordon.

The pre-taped interview took place at the Ritz Carlton in the Buckhead section of Atlanta — where he is recording. Kelly also talked of his two children and his wife, and said his wife is in his corner.

Not surprisingly, he’s come to the conclusion that he has to make changes in his life. He’s consulting with a Reverend Meeks.

Reprinted with permission: www.eurweb.com

Printed in Volume 1 Issue 8