Wellness News 4-25


     Lansing area community based organizations, churches and community members will observe the Michigan Black AIDS Awareness Campaign (BAAC).  During February and March 2006 the Greater Lansing community marks the third year of participation in national and statewide efforts to highlight the impact of HIV/AIDS on African Americans, increase awareness of resources to assist individuals and families living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, and provide HIV education and HIV counseling, testing and referral services.
     In 2005, Michigan’s statewide efforts evolved into a six-week observance.  Events begin on the sixth national Black HIV/AIDS Awareness and Information Day (February 7, 2006) and end with the seventeenth annual Black Church Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS which occurs from March 6 through March 12, 2006. On HIV/AIDS Awareness and Information Day, African Americans will be urged to “get educated, get tested and get involved.”  The Black Church Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS highlights the important role churches play in addressing the HIV/AIDS and to foster increased support and involvement from the faith-based community. 
     For the last two years, the Lansing Area AIDS Network (LAAN) has collaborated with the Black Child and Family (BCFI) and Friendship Baptist Church to ensure that care services, HIV education, counseling and testing, and related resources are identified and are made available to the Greater Lansing African Americans and other community members and stake holders who may some interest in supporting and guiding activities surrounding the 2006 Greater Lansing Black AIDS Awareness Campaign.    
    The LAAN Prevention specialist, Kaye McDuffie, is coordinating Michigan’s 2006 BAAC activities. Would you or your organization be able to designate a member to help with the Greater Lansing activities? We can anticipate a maximum of three planning periods, with each meeting only lasting a hour and a half. Please contact Kaye McDuffie at 517-394-3719, Ext. 26 or email her at kmcduffie@laanonline.org or Jake Distel at ext 13 or email him at jdistel@laanonline.org.