Best, Brightest and Most Beautiful 2009

By Rina Risper
The New Citizens Press

LANSING, MI —  It is time again for our Best, Brightest and Most Beautiful 2009  edition.  It is one of my favorite articles to do.  It is a compilation of the people we have watched over the years work really hard in their personal, professional and philanthropic lives.

As we have grown over the years our selection process has become more intense.  Some I have come into contact with while doing other stories and others just through partaking in conversation.  Others come through recommendation because we don’t profess to know everyone.  This process is open to all people, so if you know someone who you think should be in the column, please contact us.  We also take the mothers and fathers who struggle with family issues and manage to single handily raise and family and get a degree so mix it up.

We look forward to next year’s edition of the Best, Brightest and Most Beautiful 2010.  Remember that we will be doing an edition on one person under the age of 20.  Keep connected and log on to for a review of the previous recipients.

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